Carriage return and line feed

Hi all
Not sure if this was covered somewhere, I could not find anything.

I have an app that have MS SQL as DB.
In one table I have a field called Full_Address_postal.

In the DB I created a trigger that populate this field with carriage returns and line feeds, from the different address lines.

When I copy the data from the field, say into MS Word, it displays as follows:
PO Box 161
North West
South Africa

But when I display that field on my app, it is all in a singel line:
PO Box 161BroederstroomNorth West0232South Africa

It does have the carriage returns and line feeds, as when I copy from the app and paste into Word, it displays correctly.

I am looking for help as to how I can display this nicely in my Clarion app.
Note this will always be a Read Only field

Any ideas?

How are you displaying the field in your app? It should be a TEXT field.
Also make sure you have CRLF <0D0A> not LFCR


what Sean said, and also I would display the text (maybe to ODS) in hex so you can see exactly what is in the string.

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Ahhh, thank you Sean and Vitesse, it is working perfectly now!