Change IPDS (IP Data Server) service name

Hello All,

Quick question, is it possible to register the SoftVelocity IP Data Server with a different Service name? In one instance there’s already one running for a different program, but due the name being the same, we can’t install our service as it will override that service.

Is there a manual way to create a new service or a way to configure it’s name? We already changed the port on ours.

Have you ruled out a setup where you could have multiple IPServer DLLs?

The IPDriverRef.pdf has some info/suggestions under the “Advanced Deployment Tips” section.

You can use the sc command line script to create you service with any name you want. It’s possible you can create your IPDS service with the needed parameters using that method.
You can also write code to create services using SelfService from Capesoft.
I haven’t worked with IPDS is 12-13 years. I don’t know if there is a limitation that stops it from having two services on the same system, but you should be able to create the services to test using one of those methods.