Changing Image on report

I have a QR code Image in “Label.bmp” that I need to change for each label printed. , When I create the report layout and utilize an example label Image it Displays just fine. When I try to change it in code: “MyReport$?Image1{Prop:Text} = Label.bmp” it blanks the example instead of replacing it.

perhaps it can’t find the image? ie it’s looking for that image somewhere different from where you think

do not forget to set SETTARGET before and after… look at the documentation for details…

Actually it was due to the fact that the size of the .bmp exceeded the capacity of clarion to process it. It was a QR code image and it was 42 x 42. I resized it to 21 x 21 using Prop:Height & Prop:Width and it displayed just fine.