Changing the edit form at runtime

Another newbie question: I’m referring to the GSLesson app, created by doing the Getting Started steps in the documentation.

There is no visual difference in the Customer edit form whether I click on “View Customer” or “Edit Customer”. I would like to be able to make the controls flat and disabled when I’m in View Customer mode, and hide the “OK” button. I don’t want users to think they can edit the data when they can’t. It just wastes everyone’s time.

How do I do this so that I don’t interfere with the form when the user clicks on “Edit Customer” ?

Open the window embed (on the update window):
if self.Request = ViewRecord
here you can do things like give the field a color / hide the ok button

There are a couple of ways you could go:

  1. Use a different form (or even a simple REPORT) for Viewing.
  2. LOOP through all of the controls and set them to readonly and change the background to Color:BtnFace. (SOME control types, including buttons, droplists, and options don’t handle readonly so well, so you might need to DISABLE those types instead. It can be kind of a PITB to make a form read only, especially if there are browses.

It’s pretty simple to call an alternate window. If, instead of the actual FORM procedure, you call a SOURCE procedure from the BROWSE. In that SOURCE procedure, put something like this:

CASE GlobalRequest
  OF InsertRecord OROF ChangeRecord OROF DeleteRecord
        MyUpdateForm !Call the form
  OF ViewRecord
    MyViewOnlyForm !Call the view only form

I’m pretty sure there’s an extension template to set controls in View mode.

Thanks everyone for being so helpful.