Check out my demo video

Howdy -

I created a video to demonstrate an app that I wrote, using a class that casts data over other data at run-time.

Please excuse the production quality.

JSCaster class - DataScope Demo


Hey Jeff,

I just shifted this into the #community:showcase category. Less commentary on your demo than I had expected.

What sort of targets or applications did you have in mind, or can you imagine, this class?

Hi Brahn -

It’s kind of a long video, and I can dig that people aren’t all that into this.

The people who know this stuff would not be too interested (nothing new), and the ones that don’t know also might not see why I think it’s cool.

My next one will be shorter and to the point.

Thank you for stepping in.

I thought it was pretty darn neat BTW!

This is very cool Jeff. I don’t know what I would use it for but it is cool nonetheless.