Check out what you folks are searching for on ClarionHub!

This is something I forgot was available in the admin dashboard here on ClarionHub.
Below is a table (just the top 10… of at least 100!) of searches performed here in the last quarter (July 3rd to Oct 3rd)

If anyone is looking for a topic to write about, maybe a guide of some kind or just generally something that could be helpful… perhaps this list will give you an idea of what folks are interested in!

Term Searches Click Through Unique
convert cstring 38 0 5
prop:sql 20 1 5
sql 11 4 5
browse 10 9 4
json 4 2 4
owner 12 1 3
skype 6 4 3
Error 47 5 0 3
PROP:SQL 4 1 3
watch 3 3 3

Here is the list from the last 12 months:

Term Searches Click Through Unique
SQL Datetime 96 9 28
SQL 46 4 18
sql 26 10 16
convert cstring 84 0 14
prop:sql 31 1 11
ipdata 20 0 9
debug 13 9 9
trace 11 2 8
error 9 0 7
json 9 5 7


Haven’t yet explored C11, but I’m certainly wondering how much attention has been given to the obviously important SQL features and implementation.

I suspect they just don’t have the metrics like this and maybe they don’t know what it is people are hurting on day after day. SQL related topics are a big draw here at least.

I infer from your reply that not much regarding SQL has been done in C11?
While SV might not have your metrics, a little bit of customer contact would likely reveal the same.

Oh, I think there have been some tweaks. I was thinking more in terms of educational materials perhaps. Or is there something hard about doing SQL with Clarion or is it just that SQL is hard?

BTW, the release notes for Clarion 11 are all here.

For example, data type support for the top of your list (SQL timestamp) has long been requested.

Yes! Tougher to “solve” across different SQL flavours but certainly could be done better.