Choosing best sql

What is the best sql for clarion? Ive hered posgre is best for clarion…tnx…

Opinions are like SQL. Everyone has one.

For lots of folks, MS-SQL is the choice. The “free” version is good enough for some businesses, and your existing code can scale up with the system upgrades.

It kind of depends on your needs, budget, and who is going to maintain it.

For various reasons, including ubiquity, reliability, ease of use, OS, price, available tools, license, and familiarity, folks like postgres, mysql, sql-anyware, firebird, oracle, MS, etc.

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I think the question should be “What is the best SQL for you?” rather than the best for Clarion.
Clarion is likely used with just about all the popular back ends.

Thank you for the infos… im planning to upgrade my clarion10 to 11 and converting my tps/dat file to sql…

Maybe you should focus on the tools you could use, like DCT2SQL, and check which SQL engines it supports.
I use Firebird and I get the feeling that it is one of the engines that best integrates with Clarion in terms of data types, writable views, etc. I also like PSQL, the Firebird procedural language.
I also use MS-SQL and MySQL, so my opinion is based on the comparison between these three SQL engines only.
But, as you have already been told, your question is similar to “What car should I buy?”. What use will you give? What is your budget? How much are you willing to invest in maintenance?


Once converted, you will not look back. Get your program(s) up & going on the SQL engine of your choice and then begin to move/eliminate as much data integrity code within Clarion to the back end as possible.