CIDC 2017 - Clarion International Developer Conference 2017

OMG, I can’t believe no one has posted this here yet on ClarionHub.

You all know about the previous CIDC conferences yeah?!
CIDC 2013
CIDC 2015

Well… those wonderful folks at ClarionLive are doing it AGAIN!

Early Early Early Bird Special Ends March 31st!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!!
(though I have a feeling you might still be able to get in on that special price)


2 Days of Training (optional), 3 Days of Conference


October 9 to October 13, 2017


Rosen Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Oh wow, this is coming up really soon :star2: :fireworks: :airplane_arriving: :confetti_ball:

Is everyone in Florida yet?! :sunglasses:

The schedule looks fun

Who is going to live tweet the events, share some pictures here on the hub… please, please?

I am not there this year but I would still love to hear the gossip. Have fun everyone!

I remember a few years back that @d.harms opened up a section on ClarionMag to host public content. ClarionHub is very happy to provide space for such a thing this time around if anyone is interested to post.

Do you want a dedicated CIDC 2017 category here on ClarionHub?

  • Yes please - public is fine
  • Yes please - Clarionhub members only though
  • No thanks
  • Other (leave a comment)?

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Ohhhh, I just noticed that CIDC 2017 appears to be planning to live stream some events to YouTube!