CIDC Africa 2020 (in 2022) starts Thursday September 22 - Time Schedule for USA

I am not part of the team that hosts CIDC, so this is nothing official and I could be wrong.

The event named “CIDC Africa 2020” is taking place in the year 2022 due to COVID delays. It starts Thursday September 22, 2022 in Cape Town South Africa at 8:30am which is UTC + 2 time zone. It ends Sunday September 25.

You can still sign up at the CIDC 2020 website. You get 2 days of Training, 2 days of Conference and the 12 Online Interim Sessions.

During the delay there were 12 sessions online of about 2 hours that were included for those that registered for CIDC 2020. You can register now and get those sessions. Once you Login you’ll find those on the Streaming tab. On the Presentations tab you’ll find the links to downloads of example projects and source (when logged in) plus the same link to the video stream.

  • Accounting API’s - Andy Wilton, noyantis - 3 Parts
  • Bad Clarion Habits - David Harms, CoveComm Inc.
  • Donut Holes - Dries Driessen, Schoolcraft Legal Systems
  • How ABC Works - Bruce Johnson - 2 Parts
  • Lists, Lists, Lists - Mike Hanson, BoxSoft
  • Lost SQL Connections - Rick Martin, Upper Park Solutions
  • SQLite File Driver - John Hickey, ohnosoft
  • Top APIs for Your Program to Consume - Andy Wilton, noyantis
  • Universal Pivot Tables - Mike Hanson, BoxSoft


I took the web schedule and added USA Time Zones, plus OZ Australia Eastern Time Zone that covers Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra Brisbane, etc.

Are these the right time zones? You should double check on the Official CIDC Schedule page.

IMO a session to catch live will be “Future Features of Clarion” by Robert Zaunere the President of SoftVelocity. It’s on Saturday 9/24. Will Bob announce the 64-bit compiler? :wink:

  • 3:30 PM in Cape Town
  • 9:30 AM in New York
  • 8:30 AM in Chicago
  • 7:30 AM in Denver
  • 6:30 AM in Los Angeles
  • 11:30 PM in Sydney AUS

Attached are the Excel sheets for the above schedule (and next post) you can adjust to your own time zone. (214.8 KB)

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The above schedule is kind of terse without the tool tips and popup windows that appear on the website. Below I made more detailed Excel sheets. These XLS are in the attached to the prior post. You can use them adjust to your time zone, highlight important sessions, keep notes, etc.

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Carl, 2023 is next year.

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I was distracted thinking about how I hope we will have CIDC 2021 next year in 2023 at WDW

In the past, this session was open to anyone. Is this true again?

yes, but it won’r be live.
The live-stream is a single all-day stream, so it’s not so easy to cut into that and make a bit public.
So we’ll separate out all the day’s sessions and post them as individual sessions after-the-face. Probably within a few days, but possible after a couple of weeks - it all depends on the work-load.

Once we have separated that one out, then we’ll make it free to view.


Very much appreciated.

I just noticed that CIDC 2020 Registrations close tomorrow Tuesday September 20.

Price is $300 which gets about 50 hours of Clarion content

Here’s Bruce’s post on 9/5 from Discuss.SV

Hi All,

So CIDC 2020 finally happens this month on September 22-25.
Onsite registrations will close this week - but online registrations will be available up to the 20th.

If you aren’t already registered (for online, or onsite) then see - Online registrations are especially good value this time at $300, for all sessions (2 days of training, 2 days of conference sessions) and include 12 interim-online sessions we did during lockdown.

You can see the schedule here:

You can register here:

All sessions are streamed live, and recorded, so you can join us live, delayed, or watch the recordings after the fact.

For those who are already registered please take a moment to test your login this week. You will need to login to watch the streams, so having that all in place now will save some panic on the 22nd.


Have seen that other CIDC talks are now openly available, but still nothing from the Z presentation?

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@totalhip, unfortunately Bob Z was unable to present at the CIDC 2020 event in the end.

The latest is that Bob will be this week’s (28th Oct 2022) presenter on the Clarion Live Friday webinar.


Good to know. A Friday webinar would be very welcome.

It is intriguing. It was 2-3 weeks before C12 pre-release in February. And finally, now at the end of October there are plans that can be said :slight_smile:

Not sure I would use the word intriguing in context of the situation or in regard to SV in general.

Taking my money when they’re ready to take my money is better than taking it when they’re not.

But I’d still support an annual subscription.

How would you feel about those annuals when you essentially get nothing new?

Under every turd, there’s a rainbow

C10->C11 transition had to include:

  1. native support of new types (USTRING, 64-bit signed and unsigned integers), completing of support of VARIANT and BSTRING types, preliminary support of GUID and DATETIME types
  2. new implementation of the internationalization stuff based on codepage and LCID
  3. new implementation of the memory manager
  4. new implementation of UFOs and “values-on-the-string-stack”
  5. almost all text operation in the RTL were re-implemented to use Unicode strings, new implementation of string functions like LEFT, ALL, etc.
  6. new implementation of functions to work with OS file APIs
  7. implementation of new hierarchy of internal classes (properties, controls, hooks, dynamic strings, etc.)
  8. new implementation of pictures (FORMAT, DEFORMAT, MASKed input to ENTRYs)
  9. new implementation of TOOLBARs and menus (for example, to make possible to CREATE menubars with the NOMERGE attribute at run time)
  10. new implementation of WINDOWs to solve all the problems with MDI in Windows
  11. new implementation of REPORTs including switching to EMF,

Probably, I forgot something.

It was the huge work by itself and it had to be done in complex. That’s why there were not sufficient changes since original C10.

On the late phase it was decided to add support of AnyScreen to the C10 codebase. Supporting of AnyScreen required the sufficient re-organization of the RTL sources to minimize the stuff which is not needed if the program does not use AnyScreen. As result almost nothing from the list above was included to C11.

The difference between C10 codebase and the new one is highly large. Therefore porting changes for AnyScreen to the proposed C12 run into sufficient problems. Therefore it was decided to not include (10) and (11) to C12 because they were not implemented completely yet.


Yes, big transition, limited resources > annual subscription period.

IIRC in Clarion 11 putting a BSTRING in a GROUP or QUEUE did Not work in various ways and crashed. It was not initialized properly or cleared. Do you know if that was done for BSTRING?

It would be convenient to have multiple BSTRING fields inside a GROUP and be able to CLEAR(Group), same with QUEUE similar to ANY.

Can a BSTRING be used on a WINDOW in ENTRY() USE() so dynamically allocated to the size entered? That would be very handy.

If I wanted to assign the BSTRING Pointer to a &USTRING is there some easy way? I know that there are some risks with writing past the end of the BSTR. Are there some PROPs or way to get to the BSTR Address and Length?

Bs1Pointer  LONG,OVER(Bs1)
   Bs1=' {40}'           !Allocate 40 + the <0> all x 2 so 84 bytes
   UStr &= (Bs1Pointer)  ! ???&':'& LEN(Bs1)+1

! Simpler way ?
   UStr &= Bs1   !Would this assign Pointer and Length?