Clarion 1.1.13845 EE Multi-Dll Compile errors

Just received, 11.1.13845 EE…
Installed and all Single EXE APPS compile without issue. :person_raising_hand:
All Multi-DLL example apps compile with the same (X16) errors… :frowning_face:
Tried refresh classes, Delete the project file

GETBACKGROUNDCOLOR@F10POPUPCLASSsb is unresolved for export - C:\temp\examples\Capesoft\NetTalk\Web Server\MultiDLL (20)\AllFiles.exp:5307,3
GETFONTCHARSET@F10POPUPCLASSsb is unresolved for export - C:\temp\examples\Capesoft\NetTalk\Web Server\MultiDLL (20)\AllFiles.exp:5308,3
SETSELFOREGROUNDCOLOR@F10POPUPCLASSsbl is unresolved for export - C:\temp\examples\Capesoft\NetTalk\Web Server\MultiDLL (20)\AllFiles.exp:5338,3

Is there perhaps a “setting” that needs to be changed?

“Unresolved for export”

Means that a method is declared in an EXP file, but when it comes to export it, it’s not there. Since the EXP is generated from an INC file this suggests that either;

a) the EXP file was not updated (perhaps because you’ve locked it). Try deleting the data dll’s EXP file and then regenerating the Data App. You can inspect the EXP to see what PopupClass methods are in there if you like. OR

b) the INC and CLW files do not match. Usually because you have made a copy of the INC (or CLW) into the application folder (or elsewhere in teh RED path). Check for instances of ABPOPUP.INC and ABPOPUP.CLW.


Is there a need to refresh classes?

I don’t think so, given that this is an ABC class, and it’s a Clarion IDE upgrade (so the IDE would have been closed). The ABC classes are re-read for each app, it’s not cached beyond that, so I doubt a refresh classes will make a difference…

Unless (of course) you find an old INC or CLW file, and remove it…

Often in updates the contents of Clarion LIB files are changed.
Check if you have a lib included that knows the specified win32 apis.
Then add the missing lib files or add the api declarations in a lib file of your own.

Are the DLLs handcoded? If so, you’ll need to create new EXP.

Otherwise, make sure your EXP files are not readonly

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the effort to assist!

Currently just working with the “DLLtutor” that ships as part of the examples. Clarion11\Examples\DLLTutor

No extra LIB files in the “” that i can see in the solution explorer.

Am I really the only one with these errors? :grimacing:

All is well.

hmm does one not need this include file?

This is part of ABC so should not be under accessory directory so suspect you somehow got an old copy there by mistake???

Presumably the current one is still there in:


if you still have a copy of the one you deleted under “accessory” then compare the two out of interest.

Hello Geoff,
You are quite correct! there is one in C:\CLARION11\LIBSRC\WIN\ABPOPUP.INC

All the POPUP functions still work as expected in the Multi-DLL… So happy that the one shipped with 13845 works!

Thank you for bringing this out.

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