Clarion 10.11643 beta 4

/— Clarion 10.11643 beta 4 ---- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Appgen now re-uses the dialogs from the DataDictionaryDesign assembly to select Tables, Columns, Keys, and KeyComponents
CHANGE: Remove STD(STD:Close) from ?Ok buttons
CHANGE: specify a FONT for default windows (was missing on some windows)
FIX: DEFORMAT with omitted second parameter could return an empty string if destination string’s size was greater than 255
PTSS 41102: DEFORMAT() description should include size limit note, max picture size is 255
PTSS 41404: DEFORMAT(S) fails with 256 byte string, Regression from 5.5
PTSS 41419: Updated DEFAULTS.CLW files