Clarion 10.11719 beta 5

/— Clarion 10.11719 beta 5 ---- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Change the QuickAppConnect class to only show the embeds needed in the embed tree
CHANGE: Invoking editors for objects in read-only APPs
CHANGE: Json class now supports Null as a String value, empty strings will be converted to the ‘null’ keyword, the setting SetSupportNullString(true) and the column must have the special “picture” of ‘@NULL
CHANGE: Updated QuickChat (sockets) example to use the Template instead of hand code.
CHANGE: the menu editor toolbar was not using the color theme Selected
PTSS 41472: PUT did not work if you did SETNULL(autoIncField); file{PROP:ServerAutoInc}; ADD(file);change fields;PUT(file)
FIX REGRESSION: The Dictionary editor would sometimes throw an exception if you tried to edit properties
FIX: COPY statement could fail for Clarion .DAT files
FIX: JSON code now auto-LINKs the DOS driver when used
FIX: Possible exception at compile time if FILE’s driver string or value of the OWNER attribute is unknown identifier
FIX: The Clarion driver would generate an error if an index file was missing when COPY(file) was called
FIX: The context menu in the template source editor did not work if you had a word highlighted
FEATURE: Add the OpenViaRedirectionFile Dialog to the open button quick list in the toolbar
FEATURE: Added option to call the regular File Open Dialog or the Redirection File Open Dialog based on the IDE option setting
FEATURE: Added Record size in bytes to the Table Statistics
FEATURE: Template(s) to use the QuickAppConnectClass (Socket communications)
FEATURE: The OpenViaRedirectionFile Dialog now suggest possible file names found in the redirection system