Clarion 10.11756 beta 7

/— Clarion 10.11756 beta 7 ---- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Clarion.exe uses an external manifest with setting to run ‘asInvoker’
CHANGE: WorkingTemplate: added support for declaring thread safe variables
CHANGE: Added new property to the ABC FileManager “DoNotAssertOnCloseMisuse”, the user can set this to True to avoid showing the ASSERTs that show (in debug mode) when a file was not closed with the FileManager method.
FEATURE: Added text to indicate the current sort order to the bottom text box in the Applications Pad
FEATURE: Applications Pad: Added display of date and time to show when the application list is sorted by modification date
FEATURE: New option to always show the modification date and time in the Applications Pad (for all sort orders). If set to false it is only shown when Sorted by modification date
FIX: Applications Pad, the Sort button was not showing the correct icon and text when sorting by dependency
FIX: EXISTS() could return an incorrect result for names of drives’ root directories and virtual directories (e.g. “My Pictures”)
FIX: REMOVE() when a directory is specified and the second (options) parameter is not provided, it should not remove a directory if it is not empty
FIX: Redirection system was used by File-Open even when the selected file had a full path
FIX: ReportWriter: DLL versions were out of sync
FIX: The ToolbarsizeIcons Dialog was showing the resize but not actually allowing a resize
FIX: When the Applications Pad was empty the descriptive text was not cleared from the text box
PTSS 41329: EXISTS(‘C:’) fails unless elevated to Admin or Manifest on Virtualized folder
PTSS 41420: Remove(Folder) should NOT delete all files unless Remove(Folder & ‘*.*’, REMOVE:FILESONLY)