Clarion 10.11777 beta 8

/— Clarion 10.11777 beta 8 — April 22, 2015 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Safer way to store the ClarionProperties xml file. Note: Now a ClarionProperties.old file is stored with the previous properties configuration so in the case of any problem the user can recover settings from the .old file
FIX: Build Solution would not build all projects if there were multiple projects that did not have a project dependent upon them
FIX: Clear Solution did not work
FIX: If you attempted to open a file from the file dialog and a different file with the same name could be found via the redirection system, then the IDE would open the file found via the redirection system rather than the selected file
FIX: PTSS 39916: IDE Docking Drop zones fail to appear on non-primary monitors
FIX: Project options strings were overlapping on the screen for the project properties
FIX: Toolbar control size not set correctly in the options dialog
PTSS 39916: Docking Dropzones fail to appear on non-primary monitors
PTSS 41500: Project dependencies broken in C10