Clarion 10.11822 beta 10

/— Clarion 10.11822 beta 10 — May 20, 2015 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

CHANGE: Added support to only allow running one instance of an APP (EXE) in Terminal Server or Remote Desktop environment
CHANGE: DatabaseDrivers.pdf: Update the documentation for the /ZERODATE driver string to clarify that it is used when storing data and when generating WHERE clauses and to document the /ZERODATE=yyyymmdd form of the driver string
CHANGE: Re-organize code in the EnhancedFocusClassType
FIX: ADD() would sometimes fail if you had AUTOINCUSESSCOPEIDENTITY specified in the driver string
FIX: If a field = file{property}, field = key{property}, field = blob{property}, POSITION(file), POSITION(key), NAME(file), SEND(file) or GETNULLS(file) caused a GPF, then instead of the GPF details being reported in FILEERROR(), the string stack would throw a stack exception
NEW: ABC Templates: New option to enable/disable EIP at run time
NEW: Added support to the internal generated manifest for Windows 10
PTSS 41609: CW10 move to MSSQL DateTime2 breaks TIME field use
PTSS 41615: Getting Error: String Data, right truncation (22001) on insert
PTSS 41620: Different Behaviour C9.1 to C10 PROP:SQL with /TURBOSQL=TRUE
REGRESSION: The MSSQL and ODBC drivers did not allow you to add time data to a table if the column was declared as type DATETIME on the MS SQL server and as a TIME field (not within a timestamp GROUP structure) in the Clarion file.
REGRESSION: File[PROP:HSTMT} would sometimes not return the last used hstmt rather a different one