Clarion 10.12104

/--- Clarion 10.12104 --- 03/1/16 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

CHANGE: Better DRIVER logging of bound guids
CHANGE: IPDRV Manager: Better reporting of errors
CHANGE: Show a notification when a solution is opened and there are files to be re-opened for edit
CHANGE: Show more information on messages with errors related to calls to interaction between IDE and OS
CHANGE: json: access to the tmp string thru internal methods
FIX: The ODBC drivers could cause a GPF on termination if PROP:Disconnect had been used to disconnect from a database and a file{PROP:SQL} had been issued and OPEN(file) was never called on that file
FIX: Converting Icons to PNG was not keeping the transparency of the icon
FIX: JSON Possible memory leak
FIX: Json: incorrect parameters passed internally to a method
FIX: Possible disposing of IDispatch objects on getting the OLE property
FIX: The text editor was requiring the “modes” subdirectory to exist
FIX: Unbalanced calls to IDispatch::Release were possible
FIX: User-defined property could be destroyed but not removed from the hash table
FIX: When an addin was failing with an IO Exception the error message woould repeat in a loop
PTSS 41907: NON visible Excel after OLE activated
PTSS 41936: NON visible Excel after OLE DISPLAY
PTSS 41956: NON visible Excel after OLE
PTSS 41965: Memory Growth using; OLE-COM (.NET UserControl Assembly C#) in Clarion ABC Window
PTSS 41990: DateTime field is not created
PTSS 41994: Clarion 10 crashes when trying to move properties toolbox from right to left
PTSS 42021: ODBC driver issue on binary primary key
PTSS 42027: There is exception on NEXT(VIEW) statement if SET(VIEW) is called first
PTSS 42028: Ole doesn’t work with pointers
PTSS 42030: NON visible Outlook after OLE
REGRESSION: WATCHed PUTs failed when the table contained time data that was stored at a higher precision than Clarion can store time information at, and the server was SQL Anywhere
REGRESSION: GET failed when the key used a field that was declared on the SQL server as type BINARY and the field contained embedded nulls

Haven’t received a new IP Driver install yet… so Change no. 2 can’t be verified.