Clarion 10.12349

/— Clarion 10.12349 — 09/28/16 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FIX: Incorrect code generated to push DECIMAL constants with fractional part to the decimal stack
FIX: H5: Appbroker could fail with a time-out when processing large memos

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Today (Sept 28) we released an update to Clarion 10 (free to all subscribers). This build fixes a problem (regression from a recent build) with the code generated by the compiler to push DECIMAL CONSTANTs with a fractional part to the decimal stack (affected both Decimal and Real data types).

And for those publishing web apps using H5, the App Broker has a fix for handling MEMO fields (> ~2500 chars) where you might get a time-out during an update.

SO far , so good.
Compiled one of my apps that had a problem with the last version and this time all is working.

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Apparently there is an issue in this build if you are using the MSSQL driver related to Buffer()

Quoting Robert Zaunere from the thread “Re: MSSQL Time issue in Clarion 10.12349 in MS SQL” :

There was an issue reported and just fixed, whereby if you had a TIME(0) or
TIME(1) column in MSSQL and you did a BUFFERed retrieval, the time data would
not come back correctly. TIME(n) where n > 1 has no issues. The next release
has the fix. If you are not doing BUFFER we’d like to have an example if