Clarion 10.12463

A New version arrived in my email this morning.
I have installed it and compiled my production software and so far, so good.

I am not using ODBC but it seems that there were lots of fixes for it and H5.
Also Lots more H5 additions.

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Clarion 10.12463 - 1/30/17 - Fixes/Changes/Features

FIX: If you included a .pr file in your project and in that used the #to version of the #compile statement and the file that was compiled is also linked in via a LINK command in a CLASS definition or a pragma link command, then the file is incorrectly compiled and linked twice.
FIX: The ODBC driver logging would some times not output all the connection information
FIX: The ODBC based drivers could GPF if there was a DECIMAL or PDECIMAL field in the structure and OPEN was called simultaneously on multiple threads.
FIX: The SQLite driver did not support using PROP:SQL to create the file structure. Note that the information returned from SQLite is very limited. Therefore the only data types created using PROP:SQL will be LONG, REAL, BLOB, and STRING(100).
FIX: Regression from build 11900: The ODBC driver would corrupt memory if you used the TURBOSQL switch, and you had a DECIMAL field in the file structure, and the first SELECT statement issued against this field returned a DECIMAL with higher precision than defined in the Clarion field definition.
FIX: Regression from Build 12360: introduced a memory corruption when the backend had a TIME field defined with a precision > 1 and the Clarion definition was a TIME field outside of a GROUP;DATE;TIME structure
FIX: DCT Editor: Options could get duplicate population order options
FIX: Output Report to PDF - when using a variable CLIP trailing spaces from the password
FIX: The SQL drivers could sometimes throw an exception when a thread terminated and a VIEW was not closed
FIX: Using the OpenUrlLink procedure caused a compile error
FIX: H5: Web Procedure template was added to SOURCE procedures
FIX: H5: AppBrokerManager was writing the Administrator Password to the wrong registry key
FIX: H5: Entry controls were not validating if were added inside a group with out a prompt
FIX: H5: Get and Add ServerProperty template was not showing the property name in the embed tree
FIX: H5: QBE Button was creating a page that did not have a form-group
FIX: H5: When Table Layout is used the ENTRY control was not aligned properly
FIX: H5: When a datetime lookup has submitOnChanges it was not generating the code to update the field
FIX: H5: runtime label controls might not return the name

CHANGE: SystemStringClass: PrevToken and ResetTokenToEnd methods are no longer supported use the new methods IsPastEOL and IsTokenEmpty to iterate over the results of NextToken
CHANGE: Added documentation to the PROP:PrintMode EQUATE values 1-decoded (DIB) 2-undecoded (Original) 3-Both in the comment
CHANGE: H5: The Dynamic Html code template now uses the full EDIT for the prompt
CHANGE: H5: The Global.JS file is not generated any more and the option was removed from the Global Template.
CHANGE: H5: The Global.JS file is not generated any more and the option was removed from the Global Template.
CHANGE: H5: The Dynamic Html code template now use the full EDIT for the prompt

NEW: H5: Added method to get the ClientIP like: WebServer.Broker.GetClientIP()
NEW: H5: Added new hiddenentry skeleton to create hidden input tags using an ENTRY control. To use it set the control’s extra capabilities to hidden on the Web Procedure Extension for that control.
NEW: H5: Appbroker Manager now allow to change the UserName to access the Administrator page
NEW: H5: Embeds to add html inside the collapsable navbar and a CollapseNavbar Zone to add controls to that zone
NEW: H5: New prompt to add global level (all procedure pages) JavaScript. Global Web Extension Global JS. It takes literal Javascript code
NEW: H5: Table skeleton support the cell tooltips and cell selection.
NEW: H5: WebServer object now has a method to detect a Mobile web browser - eg: IF (WebServer.IsMobileBrowse()
NEW: H5: added support to query the cell tooltip (CellTip)
NEW: H5: Added method to get the Client IP: WebServer.Broker.GetClientIP()
NEW: H5: Appbroker Manager now allows changing the UserName to access the Administrator page
NEW: SystemString: New method to Escape values used in HTML .HtmlEscape()
NEW: SystemStringClass: new methods IsPastEOL and IsTokenEmpty to iterate over the results of NextToken
you now should use the IsPastEOL method to detect when the NextToken finished reading

  myToken = SysStr.NextToken()
  IF SysStr.IsPastEOL()
  !process the myToken value

PTSS 42376: SystemStringClass - Split() / NextToken() Methods Inconsistent results
PTSS 42377: Bug in SystemStringClass Replace function
PTSS 38898: Not exporting all of
PTSS 42218: DFD does not work with SQLite
PTSS 42220: ODBC File driver bug causes crash
PTSS 42345: Application crashes when opening files simultaneously on multiple threads
PTSS 42344: Access Violation with new release 12398

  • Good to go!
    Installed, tested and running in production
  • Not working for me.
    Please add a comment to let others know what the issue is in this build.

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Today we released an update for C10. This update fixes some SQL driver issues that were reported to us, as well as a couple of regressions introduced in previous builds. A note to the developers who received the internal build: thank you for your help verifying the fixes for the SQL related bugs!

The H5 technology continues to evolve and improve, you’ll find a number of fixes and new features, as well as performance improvements. If you want to deliver your app to mobile/tablet devices, jump in and give it a try. It also works great on the desktop while at the same time completely changing the UIX of your app.