Clarion 10.12760 - Mea Culpa

From: robert.zaunere
Subject: news on 10.12760 
Date: 9 Nov 2017 15:19:26 -0500
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Newsgroups: sv.clarion.clarion10

Mea Culpa

Two things went wrong with the massive changes in 12760;

  • two lines of code had literally 2 function calls replaced with calls to
    another function from the same class (class that handles interop from single
    threaded .Net UI to multi-threaded AppGen UI), and it broke the connection, so
    template sub-dialogs, particularly those that access .Net dialogs like the Data
    pad. We apologize for not catching it. It was a late change meant to fix
    another issue and of course looked completely harmless
  • for users with the corrupt pragma error; this only affects people using C10
    12760 to build projects with _older versions of Clarion. There was an error
    corrected in the channel between ProjectSystem<–>Compiler, and an optimization
    added which changed that channel, so older compilers choke on the optimized
    pragma hash and report it as corrupted.

Both of these are now fixed. We’ll be sending some people with the pragma issue
some DLLs to verify it fixes their specific use case, and we’ll have a new
version out to all ASAP.

Our apologies to all!

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