Clarion 10.12799 - 17th Nov 2017

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C10 Update released (November 17)

Today we released another C10 update (build 12799). It’s a small number of fixes primarily aimed at correcting 2 regressions introduced in the prior release (12760 with 150+ fixes/changes/features). It also fixes a couple issues that were isolated to only occur on Windows Server editions, and with some very specific coding conditions.

FIX: REGRESSION: Sub Dialogs in the Template Actions were not displaying and were locking the IDE
FIX: REGRESSION: Allow the Project System to handle pragma strings based on the Clarion version the project is built with
FIX: Programs could lock up on some OS versions upon program termination if there were VIEW structures that had been defined, but never used.
FIX: AppGen did not allow ? as a return type for a function
FIX: A program might GPF on termination if it had a VIEW structure that referenced a non-SQL file and that VIEW structure was accessed in the destructor of a class and the access was done after the call to CLOSE(view) and there was a static instance of that class in the system.
FIX: H5: Icons on buttons were not setting the correct size
CHANGE: AppBrokerManager sets the default Local ip address to “localhost” if the value is empty

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