Clarion 10 Beta Trello Board

I have created a Public Clarion 10 Beta Testing Board board for tracking issues and bugs with Clarion 10.

I set the board up to remind me to PTSS things I came across and keep track of where things are at as I am no big fan of the user interface of the PTSS system.

Anyone can view the board, but if you are interested in contributing the please send me a private message with your trello email and I will add you as a user of the board. (click on my picture and choose private message)

The format is quite straight forward, but may change over time. The idea is post up what you have found in a trello card, I prefix mine with the version number. Then if you create a PTSS for the bug/issue add a link to the PTSS and move it to the reported card etc.

Really like Trello, has a lot of good in specific situations, like this!

Kudos Mark.