Clarion 10 Black Bars on title bar of the MDI Child


We am having an issue with Clarion 10 (v10.0.0 Build 12398)

After a minimize and then restore the title bar of the MDI Child is Black,
this is repeatable 100% of the time and on 3 different Windows PC’s we have tested it on.

Here is a video with fresh test app demonstrating ==>

Thanks for your time and any direction you can offer.

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This is a know issue that goes back further than C10. I first reported it to SV in C9.1.
The but is confirmed but nothing has happened as far as I can tell.
Perhaps a email to SV asking about progress and/or watching the PTS report ticket might help.


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Hi Rick,

Thanks for piping in and your link, much appreciated!

The only short term workaround i have found is using this global template ==> Metro Toolbar from template but it doesn’t play nice with makeover.

The first thing i did was email SV but they just told me to try this:

window{prop:buffer} = 1

unfortunately this code is not called on a maximize.

Thanks Rob.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi Dule,

Thanks for posting, No its still an issue even on todays build that has been released (Build 12463)

I’ve not found a workaround and it is holding up releasing an app into production

Thanks Rob

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