Clarion 11.0.13401 crash in Windows 11 23H2 / Net.Framework 4.0

I’ve had a few problems with running Clarion 11.0 recently, started like a month ago. First there were some “xml” errors (reading scheme) on Clarion startup but after that it started crashing on me way too much.
I’m on latest windows 11 pro 23H2 and crashing seems to be related to net.framework 4.0.30139

I have tested ram, ssd, all great. Anyone had similar issues perhaps?



Faulty CPU (i9-13900k), physical core 2, imagine.

Well, this is a first after some 20 yrs I’d say.


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How did you confirm that was the issue?

Did all sorts of tests. Never though about cpu. But still decided to run cpu stress test and boom. First nothing, on core 1, then just bunch of errors.

Cool. Thanks.

I’d be interested in the types of stress tests you ran.