Clarion 11.1.13744 - AnyScreen Better but Still Not Ready for Prime Time

Plenty of fixes that now make AnyScreen at least testable for entering data in some PG tables.

A feature critical to me for getting efficient data entry is addressed at the top of the AnyScreen readme:
FEATURE: Add client-side Enter instead of Tab feature

Because the processing of using a Tab key to move between fields in my app is not the same under AnyScreen as a compared to the desktop, I am curious as to what this feature actually means and whether it might be a controllable option. My hope is for behaviour to be the same as a desktop app.

This version of AnyScreen seems to hold much more promise than before. However, I still get consistent lockups on close, it misses critical event processing for some controls, does not outline the selected field, and does not consistently display ampersand/underline hot keys. These bugs have been reported with specific examples.