Clarion 11.1.13845 EE: broken Message() - Font Size 11 Calcs Wrong Height Clips Text

Hi !

In Clarion 11.1.13845 easy code:

  System{Prop:FontSize} = 11 ! 12
  Message('Text in a|few lines|with which|there was|no problem|before')

gives an incorrect result


Previous Clarion releases did not have this problem. Please check !

If you haven’t yet, you should report this to SoftVelocity.

I’ve encountered the same and I’ve just added a problem report to PTSS (#43397).

For me it only happens when I set SYSTEM{Prop:FontSize} to a greater value than 8.



This is how message boxes using fonts of different sizes are looking on my computer using the RTL built from sources sent to SV. Changes in these sources were merged to the working code base. Probably, this was done with some errors.

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Thanks ! Perhaps there is a dependence on the font size and type. I use the regular ‘Segoe UI’.

If you have message over 2 lines at the end of message add extra ‘|’

Or 3 Or 4 “|”… depending on the number of lines in the message and size font. Why such a crutch?