Clarion 11.13227 Oct 1, 2018

*/— Clarion 11.13227 Oct 1, 2018 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FEATURE: TopScan: Show/Hide Dialog now supports resize
FEATURE: H5 now supports Apps that are using the Clarion template chain
NEW: TopScan: Added option to export to JSON, to left align numbers, and to quote numbers
NEW: Driver Trace (Trace.exe): Added option to output to DebugView

CHANGE: DCT Editor: PTSS 42726 : Now the Options Label Dropdown expands the tree when opened, and shows more items in the list
CHANGE: ABC: PTSS 40780: Added an embed point after the DLLInitialiser.Construct CODE statement
CHANGE: AppGen: added the APP file name to the dialogs for Cancel, Save Changes, and Recover
CHANGE: DCT Editor: When doing a search or a search and replace now the wait cursor is set until after it is finished with the S/R
CHANGE: PTSS 42635: Clarion chain: Default View Action for the SaveButton control template in the Form is now to Disable it when the Form is in View mode. NOTE: If the extension template is already populated then it may require to re-apply the template if it was not customized
CHANGE: On the Tools->Options->Clarion Version: to delete a version from the list there should not be an Open Solution, If a solution is open then the ‘Remove’ button is disabled
CHANGE: Tools-Options Clarion Version, now when deleting a version that is the active version, the version will be changed to the ‘Current version’
CHANGE: ErrorClass Substring is now virtual
CHANGE: ErrorClass new macro %ErrorFile = ERRORFILE()
CHANGE: IPDRV: Client connections (driver<–>server) now only uses the Secure Port (SSL)
CHANGE: IPDRV Manager: UI updated to reflect the change to always use SSL for the Client Secure Port
CHANGE: TopScan: SHORT picture changed from @N-5 to @N-7
CHANGE: TopScan: LONG picture changed from @N-13 to @N-14

FIX: %EndLocateRecordRoutine embed was located after the EXIT, so the code was never executed
FIX: AppGen: Initial value for the Application Tree ‘Sort By Date’ was not set until refreshed or modified
FIX: DCT Editor: Doing a Search and Replace without selecting a Property to modify was throwing an exception
FIX: GetMimeType has mixed upper/lower case extensions and was not comparing to LOWER
FIX: JSON: wrong ‘OROF’ used instead of ‘OF’
FIX: PTSS: 40686,40737: Template symbol %ProcedureDateChanged returned the wrong date
FIX: PTSS: 42270: MCR Template: IF the queue used by the tree was named LOADEDQUEUE it caused a duplicate error
FIX: PTSS: 42734: MCR Template: IF the INSERT was done on the Primary table level, the wrong code was generated
FIX: PTSS: 40787: ToolbarUpdateClass calls DISPLAY before ACCEPT command
FIX: PTSS: 40841: Pressing Cancel on the F10 Zoom window was altering the field contents
FIX: PTSS: 42719: DCT Editor: After a search and replace the DCT was being saved with the changes
FIX: PTSS: 42729: ADO MapRsToGroup error when using NAME attribute
FIX: PTSS: 42651: The Clarion Legacy templates ‘Call Procedure’ was missing “View” as a requested File Action
FIX: PTSS: 42475: Null exception if a version was just added and try to use a File Pick dialog based on that version.
FIX: PTSS: 42690: incorrect use of LEFT(CLIP()) instead of CLIP(LEFT())
FIX: SortHeaderClassType.ValidField the FieldIdx was declared as a BYTE instead of a SHORT
FIX: Source Procedure: The relate open files was using the parameter instead of the property to correctly force the opening of the related files
FIX: The IDE was was not detecting if a project for the Application had been deleted, and instead was throwing a null reference exception
FIX: Using a File Pick Dialog after removing the Active Clarion version, without choosing a new active version was throwing an exception

Came across the %ProcedureDateChanged issue in Clarion 10 today. I have used it to display information in windows, and have been puzzled by untouched procedures displayed as changed. Today I noticed that about 1/3 of the procedures reports as changed today. I see that the bugreport says it returns the date for module generated.
Are there any known workarounds to get correct date?