Clarion 11.13244 Oct 9, 2018

*/--- Clarion 11.13244  Oct 9, 2018 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features--/

CHANGE: MemDriver template: use same MemFile code generation for ABC and Clarion
CHANGE: CWUTILS.CLW reduce the file size
CHANGE: Added file name when asking to convert an APP to a newer version
CHANGE: Template Registry: Added ExpandAll ContractAll buttons to the toolbar
CHANGE: Appgen: Added the APP file name to the error message when templates used by the App are missing from the registry 
CHANGE: Select New Dictionary Dialog uses the fonts as configured in the IDE customization settings
CHANGE: PDF: version of the generated PDF from 1.3 to 1.6

FIX: ABC RELTREE: was duplicating the symbol declaration
FIX: Application Pad: Exception can be thrown on a search for a non-existing substring
FIX: Converting multiple apps and answering YES to convert ALL apps was still prompting to convert each additional app
FIX: H5: EmbedInsideCollapseNavbarTop and EmbedInsideCollapseNavbarBottom were not adding the embedded code into the page
FIX: MemDriver template: If the option to Generate File in Modules was used in the DataDll the EXTERNAL('') attribute was not added to the MEM FILE declared in the main module.
FIX: PTSS 42746: Browse Sort Order was not supporting a variable as the INI file name.
FIX: Typo on 'application modification date' property label
FIX: When converting an app in silent mode con't promptsask to save the app, just save the app. NOTE: If the app has any errors the user will be notified in the Error Pad after the conversion and a backup of the app is created before the conversion is started
FIX: Windows Structure Designer: MENU control was not retaining the LAST or FIRST attribute when edited
NEW: IDE will show the full path of the solution or project open in the Main window title.
NEW: Tools-Options-Appearance - Show full path on title
PTSS: 39880 NEW: Add existing project added the solution pad

Fix not mentioned - C10 ODBC memory leak. Bruce confirmed that it was fixed on RC2.

Heads up… apparently the build installer has been updated (but not a version change). From the newsgroups:

Re: bug in C11 gold install

Hi Lee,

Try re-downloading the C11 install.

Diego Borojovich