Clarion 11.13401 March 19, 2019


FEATURE: Added Expands and Contract buttons to the PropertyGrid (next to the locator)
FEATURE: Added symbols to test for code generation in source or pwee

%GenerateSourceView and %GenerateEmbeditorView each returns 1 if the generation happens
in the source file or in the pwee and blank otherwise
  #!the generation happened in the embed editor 

FEATURE: Templates Pad: Added Expand and Contract buttons

CHANGE: ListBoxFormater: allow to resize the top and bottom panels
CHANGE: Project Defines Editor now supports the escape key to cancel the dialog
CHANGE: Project Defines Editor keeps the row selection after editing
CHANGE: Project Defines Editor now selects the value text control when editing
CHANGE: When doing a search in templates for the declaration or use of a symbol, if only one
instance is found it will not open the SearchPad, but instead go straight to the found item.

FIX: Building with older versions of the compilers would recompile everything indicating that a pragma had changed
FIX: ClaSocket Code template was not calling the InitializeServerInfo routine
FIX: Control Templates Pad was sometimes not refreshing the contents
FIX: IDE: Control Template Pad did not use the Settings->Fonts for Lists
FIX: Unexpected template data could create an invalid internal message showing an exception


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