Clarion 11.13505 -

Now getting App GPFs and limited listbox data (maybe 1 record where 10 expected) after installing/recompiling with the latest release. My best guess is that a memory driver update is needed, though SV made no mention of it. Anyone else see the same?

Ended up uninstalling 13505 and going back to 13401 in order to get finish work on a new release.
Anyone else find 13505 unstable with SQL and/or memory files?

Really… Is Windows editor dialog have change a from “Standard” to “16:9 Wide” size resolution background on latest version ?

Yes, really. Had to abandon v13505 because of compiled app GPFs and data retrieval problems from PostgreSQL. Have not yet had time for detailed testing, but I am suspicious that changes in the ODBC driver have caused problems on tables having a field defined with an array.

Do not see any windows editor setting changes yet.