Clarion 11.13622 H5 related error - WBBROWSERPROPERTIES

Hi everyone,

I’m having the following compilation error with clarion 11.13622 in an H5 application that i didn’t have in the 11.13505 release:

$WBBROWSERPROPERTIES is unresolved for export

I had made a new application with an empty window only and the H5-Bootstrap v11.0 global extension

Anyone had a simillar issue?

I see the same issue with $WBBROWSERPROPERTIES but it could be related to the other error I see which is ‘Ambiguous reference type: &EVENT’ which is due to the new Clarion language features and the errors point to lines 172 and 266 in ABLWINR.CLW which have reference variables
delayed &Event
cur &Event,auto


Yes, same issue here.
Any suggestions?

PTSS 43078 created - we need an update from Softvelocity to fix both these issues

This has been fixed by SoftVelocity and a new build is expected within days…

It’s fixed now and a new build is coming within a few days.



Thanks Graham!

I wonder how they fixed it, did they rename “Event” class or allow a reference to a class with same name as global procedure?

The renamed the class in ABLWINR.CLW

EventEl CLASS(Element)

I would have named it DefinitelyNotEvent2020h

so we have new reserved word “EventEl”.

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