Clarion 11.13630 Sept. 11, 2020

FIX: Handling of the DLL(0) attribute on data declarations without the EXTERNAL attribute
FIX: Error building apps with H5; Unresolved External: $WBBROWSERPROPERTIES
FIX: Error building apps with H5; ‘Ambiguous reference type: &EVENT’ 
FIX: corrected Builtins.clw for use with AnyScreen
NEW: Added embeds; #Embed(%InsideView,'Inside View'),%Primary,%ActiveTemplateInstance,TREE('Inside View|' & %ActiveTemplate & '|' & %ActiveTemplateInstance & '|' & %Primary )
and #Embed(%InsideView,'Inside View'),%Secondary,%ActiveTemplateInstance,TREE('Inside View|' & %ActiveTemplate & '|' & %ActiveTemplateInstance & '|' & %CurrentSecondary)
FEATURE: In-Memory driver template: new option; "MS-SQL Compatibility Mode"; check this checkbox to instruct the template to do its Memory table loading after the DLLs used by the program are loaded -  %AfterCategoryDllInitCode. This avoids a potential problem with Microsoft "ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server" (and later versions), if accessed too early the MS ODBC driver can fail.

This remains the newest release and a common question is “What version are you using”. I thought it good to add a few links to this release post.

I’m not using either 622 nor 630 due to the possible problems functions NOT being called as noted:

Also there can be problems with the new &PROCEDURE and they removed abstract Virtual,Type methods.