Clarion 11 Application Not Closing

I have an issue with a program recompiled into Clarion 11 from Clarion 10. The Clarion 10 program when closed closes as you would expect. The Clarion 11 program appears to close but is still left open in TaskManager as an active task.

Anyone experienced this and what might be causing it?

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Could be any number of things. Do you use any worker or non-mdi threads? Any 3rd party addons that might need updating? You’re 100% sure the existing process is the same one that you closed?

Thanks for your thoughts. All the tool that I use are from Noyantis or Capesoft. All up to date I believe as I did some updates to all templates at the point of the Clarion 11 install.

I’ll check for the threads though as I do use some of those. And finally … Yes the process is the definitely same one.

I always add the Clean Closedown Global Extension to ABC applications. It does much of the grunt work for you. It is only available for ABCs though.
Regards, Jim

I have also had this experience. Why the app won’t quit I don’t know either, but the simple solution to the problem is:

-> embed: 'End of procedure

Thanks … that’s a great idea and works.

In my opinion, that is not a solution. Your program has a problem and using this technique isn’t finding the bug, it’s smashing it with a sledge hammer. :slight_smile:


I totally agree but the client requires an immediate fix and while I find out what the problem is this will sort the issue.

Then leave the program in Clarion 10 until you figure out the issue.

Is the app DLLized? ABC? I have noticed, that code that killed a program, fired from a data dll, could leave a copy that would show up in task manager. My fix was move the code out of the data dll.

Thanks. Certainly DLL and always ABC so that is well worth a check. Mostly I have been closing the program simply by clicking the X on the application frame. But I’ll check to see if there is anything being called on close.

Are you on the latest version 11.1.13768? There was a fix listed in the very short readme

PTSS: 43238 ReportManager class breaks window z-Order
PTSS: 43239 MDI PROP:HIDE Break Z-Order
FIX: MDI windows could be opened in incorrect Z-order position
NEW: Added “Image To PDF” library (ClaI2PDF.dll) to the distributables in the Bin folder
NEW: Added “Image To PDF” library (ClaI2PDF.dll), as an option to the Report Output PDF generator Global Template to modify the library used to generate the PDF globally.

It was causing our application to hang on startup with one thread not able to open a window and it also caused it to fail 1 out of 2 times to shut down.

Yes. All up to date. Thanks for the thought.