Clarion 11 change design of a window

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to change the visual design of this window window

Can i change the input fields for example to 1 with a better design or can i use javascript or css to change some of the visual aspects?

I want to change the standard clarion assets to a custom design.


Gr, Erol

Have a look at capesofts Makeover. It might do what you’re after

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take a look at

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I´m not sure what you expect, but the easiest way to have a more modern look is to use a TAB, that removes the old style gray…


and then do the right settings in Clarion:

I like Visual indicators (e.g. actual field yellow) and finaly with Capesofts Anyfont you or even better the user can set a the font and fontsize to what he prefers.


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