Clarion 11 Enterprise vs Professional

I am wondering what is so special about the Enterprise Edition of Clarion, compared to the Professional Edition. Doreen from SoftVelocity sent me the following information

Enterprise Edition contains the following enhancements:

a. SQL Anywhere Accelerator
b. Oracle Accelerator - Developers License
c. Visual Data Diagrammer
d. Business Math / Statistics Library
e. Business Graphics Classes / Templates
f. Advanced Report Ouput Generators
g. Dictionary Synchronizer
h. Multi-Table Import to the Dictionary
i. Version Control Integration Features
j. Setup Builder for Clarion
k. Internet Connect
l. Web Builder Templates

New to C10 Enterprise Edition

m. WebBrowserPropertiesClass
n. Amazon S3 Web services
o. H5 Support
p. JSon Import/parsing
q. QuickSock (SMS, NetWork messaging)

Some of these features are available as Add-Ons for the professional edition as follows:

r. Business Math / Statistics Library ($79)
s. Business Graphics Classes / Templates ($119)
t. Advanced Report Ouput Generators (HTML: $79, PDF: $199, Text: $49, XML: $79)
u. Oracle Accelerator - Developers License ($199)

Is the Setup Builder any better than the one sold by LinderSoft ($299)?

Since I don’t plan on using the H5 stuff, what else in the list (apart from the Dictionary Synchronizer) is useful enough to justify the $1000 purchase?

I would value the feedback. I’m still very much a Clarion newbie.

Can’t find it in my EE.

I’d say nothing is useful to purchase.

The setup builder that comes with EE is from Lindersoft, you just need to email and get it sent.

I use the report output generators all the time. I’ve used the Data Diagrammer, dct syncroniser, multi table import and version control at various times and played with most of the others. I think there’s some classes that are also EE only.

Whether you feel it’s valuable enough to upgrade is a question only you can really answer. I’m on EE because I just like the fact that if I have a need for any of these features, they are just there.

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What’s the difference between the PE and EE reports?

I am amazed that there are no brochures or detailed descriptions of any of these features on the SlowVelocity website.

The output generators allow you to create the report as PDF, XML etc

I agree the difference should be easily available. The problem there is almost all the staff now are technical.

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Additional item based on convo with @MarkGoldberg today.

WorkingThreadManager class appears to be EE only.