Clarion 11 gold release today!


Clarion 11 gold release today!

The first beta release of C11 went out in early September, and today we are making it official, Clarion 11 gold release is out today! We are sending emails out to all Clarion devs with a current subscription. You will love the improved Template UI, as well as a ton of new features, and productivity improvements in the IDE. Please remember to renew your subscription before the end of October. Renew your CSP

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Do you think just longer than a month from Beta to Gold was enough time for everyone to test C11, report bugs and for SV to fix the bugs?

Just a question.


Johan de Klerk


Probably depends upon which side of the CSP renewal line your financial interests fall.


If you don´t use H5, the ‘new’ Clarion 11 version has only some cosmetics but nearly no new features :weary: But even the cosmetics are in a homeopathic quantity. The ancient icons are still the same. But even worse: Opening app-windows in the IDE is now so much slower than before. Now it takes some seconds until the “Control-List” is filled. In Clarion 10 there was no waiting time!

Maybe SV has no ideas for new features? I have some:

I´m waiting for a new TPS-Driver or a new propriatary file type with more speed and no size limation. Gladly without compression, that costs CPU time while HDDs/SSDs are so cheap.

I´m waiting for a TopScan without errors (now you can´t replace empty fields!)

I´m waiting for a TpsFix which is not 50% slower than in C6.3

I´m waiting for a working conversion tool form Legacy to ABC

I´m waiting for a ReportWriter that will not crash with >400.000 records.
(it´s still not a CWRW replacement)

I´m waiting for a working conversion tool from CW20-RW TXR to ReportWriter
(btw sensless to convert to a ReportWriter that crashes because of data quantity)


Given all the TPS focused features you list as being needed, I’m curious as to why you don’t move to SQL and get these features plus a lot more?