Clarion 11 gold release today!

Clarion 11 gold release today!

The first beta release of C11 went out in early September, and today we are making it official, Clarion 11 gold release is out today! We are sending emails out to all Clarion devs with a current subscription. You will love the improved Template UI, as well as a ton of new features, and productivity improvements in the IDE. Please remember to renew your subscription before the end of October. Renew your CSP

Review the latest fixes/changes/features here


Do you think just longer than a month from Beta to Gold was enough time for everyone to test C11, report bugs and for SV to fix the bugs?

Just a question.


Johan de Klerk

Probably depends upon which side of the CSP renewal line your financial interests fall.

If you don´t use H5, the ‘new’ Clarion 11 version has only some cosmetics but nearly no new features :weary: But even the cosmetics are in a homeopathic quantity. The ancient icons are still the same. But even worse: Opening app-windows in the IDE is now so much slower than before. Now it takes some seconds until the “Control-List” is filled. In Clarion 10 there was no waiting time!

Maybe SV has no ideas for new features? I have some:

I´m waiting for a new TPS-Driver or a new propriatary file type with more speed and no size limation. Gladly without compression, that costs CPU time while HDDs/SSDs are so cheap.

I´m waiting for a TopScan without errors (now you can´t replace empty fields!)

I´m waiting for a TpsFix which is not 50% slower than in C6.3

I´m waiting for a working conversion tool form Legacy to ABC

I´m waiting for a ReportWriter that will not crash with >400.000 records.
(it´s still not a CWRW replacement)

I´m waiting for a working conversion tool from CW20-RW TXR to ReportWriter
(btw sensless to convert to a ReportWriter that crashes because of data quantity)


Given all the TPS focused features you list as being needed, I’m curious as to why you don’t move to SQL and get these features plus a lot more?

Thats because SV didn´t offer working upgrade paths (Legacy>ABC, TXR>REPXL). Thats why I’m hooked on the legacy templates. And you know: No ABC = No SQL :weary:

To re-write a very big app (+300 windows/80 MB apps) from Legacy to ABC is nearly impossible, especaly you can´t earn money with that - customers didn´t care about internal things like this.

I converted to MSSQL as a trial, but the legacy-browsers are so bad when searching data (especially word fragments in more than one large string fields) - my customers won´t accept this.

You´re right, with SQL you have no file size limitation and no file corruption, but you still have no proper reporting solution, because the ReportWriter crashes also with (large) SQL files.

And finally I pay my subcription not for SQL but for clarion. That’s why my wish list also refers to clarion - but unfortunately not much really happens there. SV jumps to H5 and everything else is left behind.

There was some discussion on the newsgroup recently about doing enhancements to add features to the legacy template chain, like column sorting for example. It might be worth calling or email SV and saying “hey yeah, this would be cool!”. They may well be receptive to keeping that alive!

The TXR–>REPXL one is a pain. I have loads of reports that just won’t convert. However, since this app is SQL I am doing all new reports using the full, original DevExpress report tool which just needs a few pieces of C# to glue it into the Clarion app. Any super important old reports get rewritten in DevExpress as needed, all old reports are available by calling C60PRNTX.EXE. It means a few moving pieces but the new reports we are pushing out are amazing.

Aren’t legacy browses file loaded instead of page loaded? That is more than likely the first issue to overcome.

Thanks Brahn for your answers,

I check the newsgroup :nerd_face:

But isn´t it a no-go for a great development tool like Clarion, that after cwrw/cwprintx they stoped this and deliver a more or less unusable ReportWriter instead of delivering simply a cwrwx where the developers can continue with there work (without a 16Bit VM :slight_smile:) … and on top since C7 the TXD-Export of a DCT is not compatibel with cwrw anymore.

That means you have a Clarion without a proper contemporary build in file type and without a working flexible reporting tool. And btw Clarion is still not supporting a lot of SQL-Datatypes, especaliy MEMO -> TEXT. String/cString with 8000 charaters is not a solution for everything.

It is very difficult to tell a customer that he has to buy now licences for SQL, DevExpress or whatever and pay for the installation and data conversion - only to have the same app running as before. And your time to change all this with a lot of effort will not be paid at all, because the customer already had a very good software before. The customers won’t pay for internal changes even if you say that the manufacturer (SV) thinks he has to reinvent the wheel and throws everything overboard.

But if even small changes, or worse … errors :beetle:, occur in your software after such a gigantic update, then the customers annoyance is usually very big. You will never be thanked for that :cold_face:

Legacy is page loaded. I don’t recall if file-loaded was also an option for that.

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Hi Rudik,

and on top since C7 the TXD-Export of a DCT is not compatibel with cwrw anymore.
That’s not correct, we use Clarion 9.1 Build 11529 and the ‘old’ Clarion ReportWriter.
The trick is to change the default extension when you export a DCT to TXD - the default is .DCTX which as you state is not compatible with the old ReportWriter.

But if you change the extension to .TXD then the exported TXD can be used with the old ReportWriter - we do this all the time.


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BTW, what is the last build number?? 11.13244 ? or there is more recent one?

I think I have them all listed here -

11.13244 is the most recent unless anyone else has another one?

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Is Unicode support included in C11 as promoted or did it get punted down the road?

This is the only, or most official summary I know of that mentions Unicode:

The huge Unicode/ RTL/Compiler/Drivers implementation is progressing nicely but compatibility issues remain (and will take time to eliminate), so a re-think was in order

and then later with the ambiguous:

Later on, we’ll release an update that can be run in parallel.

It is unclear to me if that means it will a part of the Clarion 11 “subscription” or not. It does not appear to have been clarified on the newsgroups but I might have missed it.

Hi Graham,

I´m wondering that this works for you?!

I know this feature but unluckily this TXD won´t work with CWRW. This might be due to the size or complexity of the DCT, but in this case you’re screwed. And if you compare the TXDs (C6<->C10/C11) than you see that there are many differences. CWRW is runing thru the changes but shows only 5-6 files instead of all, and the file changes are not done in the TXR That’s why I have to maintain my DCT additionally under C6, because CWRW works only with this TXD.

Thanks to SV for this stupid No-Feature :frowning: I send some bug reports to them long time ago but without any answers :weary: