Clarion - 11 Installation - Hardware & Software Compatibility

Hi All,
We purchased Clarion 11 license, like to know what is minimum Hardware & Software spec need for this.

Also, Shall we install Clarion in Windows Server with multi user login?

Minimum spec is any CPU, I’d say 4 gigs of ram (although its run in a lot less), and maybe a couple gigs of hard disk space.

Of course like all things it’ll be a better experience on better hardware. Itll depend on your load and patience.

Personally id use a recentish i5 or better, with SSD hard drive. It can only use 3 gigs of ram per instance, but i often have multiple instances open.

Regarding multiple users using remote sessions on the same PC, thats doable , but youd need to set your REDirection file correctly. Probably not something you want to do unless you know what you are doing.

If you do have multiple similtaneous users you need yo make sure that your licensing of clarion and 3rd party accessories is correct or your software can end up being illegal.