Clarion 11 lock up with hidden windows

Has anyone experienced a lockup when hidden windows are used with C11?

Open app frame
Open MDI window1
Open MDI window2, hide it

now when you switch between apps and click on window1 the app will freeze, sometimes. It usually takes 2 or 3 app switches for it to freeze up. Replicated by others on Win10, and Win 7.1. Seems to lock up more frequently if the app is partially covered by the other program.

I have to ship a release next week and not sure how to get around this issue. Worked fine in C5.5. It would take a large effort to change the structure. (829.9 KB)

Steps to reproduce freeze:

Open threader app
click on BaseThread button (creates window1)
click on BASEFREEZER (creates window2)
now click on another app and then click on the airflow arrow gif. Usually within 2 or 3 flops back and forth the clarion program will freeze.

Don’t know the solution but tested it on my Windows 10 PC and doing what you said.

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Try this:

    0{prop:minWidth} = 360
    0{prop:minHeight} = 240
    0{prop:max} =1
    if (baseFlag = 'NOTBASE')
        gblBlockDisplay =true
       0{prop:maximize} = 1 !MOVED THIS TO THE ELSE

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I was able to reproduce the problem as well.
Jeff’s solution to move the maximize so it doesn’t happen on the hidden window worked for me.
Possibly the issue with MDI calls not be thread safe is being brought to the foreground with some change in C11.
Most of us don’t allow our MDI window to truly maximize to avoid problems with MDI windows and threads.