Clarion 11 on Windows ARM version

Has anyone tried using Clarion on the Windows for ARM version of the OS? I prefer to use an Apple Mac for my everyday stuff but need to know if the new M1 Macs (along with Parallels + Windows ARM) will work for Clarion development.

Thanks and regards,

Yes… works fine… a little slower than normal, but works… it might get better with time.

Thank you. It seems that not rushing may be wise here! Also, who knows if Microsoft will continue to support Windows on ARM….?

I’m sure they will… it’s an emulation layer, so It is a wonderful thing they are doing, it should gain them traction and compatibility for a long time to come…

I’m not so sure, for the following reasons:

  1. The non-Apple OEMs don’t seem to be looking at ARM processors much - especially now that Intel have released their newest range. They aren’t as frugal as Apple’s Mx range but they are better than before.
  2. There are costs involved in keeping Windows ARM going and so the project is vulnerable.
  3. MS is a big company and so we cannot assume any consistent thought process or policy, whether rational or not. :wink:

I would like to see them commit to that project and stop sitting on the fence.


I read this a few months back, makes sense for me. Microsoft has an ARM version of Windows but in their Tech-net subscriptions only. Who knows what tomorrow brings :slight_smile: