Clarion 11 progression

Anyone who knows what is the status of clarion 11? When can we expect it to be available?

Okay, I’ll bite and go out on a limb (very thin too).
At best, 50/50 that we’ll ever see a mature v11.

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I agree (50/50), SV is even not asking to extend the subscription - or do they only don´t ask me :slight_smile:

Your subscription is good from “gold” release to “gold” release.
For example, if you renewed your subscription after Clarion 10 was declared Gold, then you get all updates to Clarion 10 and all beta versions of Clarion 11 until Clarion 11 is declared Gold. This is no matter how long it takes.

I’m confident there will be a Clarion 11. Now how long until it is available and when will it be stable? I have no idea.