Clarion 2.0 Data file migration

This is going to be a bit of time travel. I have some personal applications written with Clarion 2.0 over the years with 16 and 32 bit systems. I am ready to move my information to 64 bit Windows 10 and am wondering if it is possible to convert my data(.dat files) in to the latest version of Professional Edition.

I am not concerned about converting the applications as I will recreate them, I am only interested in what it would take to make the data work.


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If you’re talking Clarion for Windows 2.0, then the data should be OK to read.

Not sure about CPD 2.0 (the DOS version). I’ve only used CPD 2.1. Perhaps someone could try one file for you.

It is Clarion 2.0 DOS version, thanks for the reply.

DOS Clarion .DAT files will import into the Windows C11 DCT. Not sure if 2.0 DAT is different than the 2.1 files. Just create a new DCT and import the DAT files.

The 2.1 “APP” file code can be converted to Windows using CDDW 1.0. I 'm not sure I ever did 2.1 but I know I converted 3.0 or 3.1 (which can import 2.1). Output is a TXA that does NOT import, but all the code inside it is perfect. Even the Windows and Reports are decent, but are laid out fixed width.

Thank you very much, appreciate the response.

You can read/write the Clarion DAT files no problems. The format has not changed (although there might have been a slight index change for Clarion DOS 3 ) I do this all the time. I still have a customer who has some old DOS programs they lost the source for, and also Clarion Windows 1.5, and me in C11 all accessing the files ok.

As noted you can import the file structure from a file. With a few tweaks you can also import the files from source and keep descriptions.

Thanks for the info Sean, very helpful.