Clarion 5 IDE - Cannot open registry

I am new to Clarion. Our Organization developed some apps for SQL Database using Clarion 5 in 2010, now we have plan to do some migration in the existing app’s. I am trying to open the existing app in Clarion 5 but getting “Cannot open registry” & Clarion5\template\registry.rtf

Need you guys support, what to do with this.

Wow C5 is a LONG time ago. Have you checked that the file exists?
If it does, check you have appropriate permissions.
Failing that you may need to delete the file and re-register all the templates.
That’s done via a menu option, but I can’t remember the exact sequence. The templates are the *.tpl files in clarion5\template and clarion5\3rdparty\template

Thanks for your response, I will try and update the status

i think the app is made in a newer clarion. If you try to open an app created in Clarion 6 with Clarion 5. you get that error

FYI… Look like this is permission use. After providing we necessary permission, now all user able to create sample app using Clarion5 IDE.