Clarion 6.1 Release Candidate (build #3)


FEATURE: New form of the SETFONT function and new SETLAYOUT function
FEATURE: DEBUGHOOK statement to hook data for the debugger
FEATURE: Center the text in single-line TEXT controls vertically
IMPROVEMENT: Avoid possible multiple redrawing of the same button on changing its hot state if visual styles are active
CHANGE: Remove unused variables - aberrror
CHANGE: execute SETKEYCODE(0) on entry to PopupClass.Ask
CHANGE: Draw styles border for transparent TEXT controls if XP Visual Styles are active
CHANGE: Content of the single-line TEXT control must be selected completely on gaining focus if nothing has been selected on previous losing focus
CHANGE: Make the progress bar more responsive on storing information
CHANGE: Change default value for define(asserts) pragma

FIX: BLOB{PROP:Text} = value did not work
FIX: MSSQL driver and ODBC driver going to an MSSQL backend could GPF if you attempted to retrieve BLOB data when there was no active record.
FIX: TopScan was leaving the last END off the file layout
FIX: Windows with the MAXIMIZE attribute are not ahown as maximized
FIX: Setting of active windows can work incorrectly if some window has been closed together with its child window
FIX: Transparent not push-like check boxes and radio buttons can be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Immediate repainting can produce bad view of flat and transparent buttons
FIX: Flat checked check box and radio buttons placed on the toolbar are displayed incorrectly when pressed if visual styles are active
FIX: WM_NOTIFY sent to a toolbar was not processed correctly
FIX: fnexpand() worked incorrectly for path from the root of unmapped network drive
FIX: sizing of Cancel button caused last text character to not display - VCS Setup dlg
FIX: Coordinates of dropped list are not mirrored
FIX: Child windows must inherit the layout from their parent windows unless they have own LAYOUT attribute
FIX: If closed window belongs to inactive thread, reactivate the active window
FIX: RETURN statement from the ACCEPT loop executed while child windows are running can cause abnormal exit from windows message loops
FIX: fnexpand() works incorrectly for files with relative path located on the unmapped network drives
FIX: Windows is sizing single-line Edit controls differently vs. multi-line
FIX: If icon size is less than target rectangle, the RTL should not be centering it
FIX: TopScan GPFing on attempt to show duplicated keys
FIX: Window frame could remain not repainted after changing the icon
FIX: TopScan code not followed the fix in C55 for LISTZONE:xxx values
FIX: If visual styles are active, the transparent not-checked check box with focus is redrawing without the focus rectangle on leaving its face by mouse
FIX: HTMLhelp was restoring wrong topic on thread switch
FIX: The client area for spinboxes is calculated incorrectly if coordinates of controls are mirrored
FIX: typo in #error text - enhanced.tpw

REGRESSION: BLOB access with SQL drivers could cause random GPFs
REGRESSION: SQL drivers were not parsing PROP:SQL CALL and NORESULTCALL statements correctly if there was a function call as a parameter of the called procedure

WORKAROUND: Windows draws transparent single-line Edit controls incorrectly if XP Visual Styles are active
WORKAROUND: If last input event before window opening was from mouse, themed GROUP/OPTION controls invoke cascaded posting of WM_UPDATEUISTATE message