Clarion 6.1 Release Candidate (build #4)

Changes/ Fixes and Features:

FEATURE: Greater flexibility for color selection; you can now set the high byte of the RGB DWORD using SYSTEM{PROP:ColorHighByte}. Setting this to 0 turns on color dithering in 256 color mode. Setting it to 2 (the default) causes the system to use solid colors. FEATURE:** RM: New method can be called before the Relate.Open to turn off the lazy init and allow opening all the related tables.
FEATURE: File Manager: method to get the PRIVATE open counter. This method is not a public method as the PRIVATE Opened attribute may be changed without notice
FEATURE: ABC/Clarion wizards: now supports equates or variables for ICONS & CURSOR using ICON: or CURSOR: or !
FEATURE: ABC Tpl generates code for DEBUGHOOK and a new embed for same purpose
FEATURE: abprocs - add DEBUGHOOK in gen’d code

CHANGE: increment build number to 9020
CHANGE: Protect the file dialog invoked by Save/SaveAs methods of RTF control from too short variable holding the file name
CHANGE: if Html help is invoked with no topic, then show TOC with null parm for topic
CHANGE: FM: On cleanup if the file is still open, close it before cleanup

FIX: Incorrect SQL would be generated if PROP:GroupBy was used and RESET(View),NEXT was called
FIX: SQL Drivers would generate invalid SQL if the PROP:GroupBy clause was used on a view that had INNER joins and the backend uses the WHERE x=y syntax for inner joins
FIX: RM: was generating an assert on file not closed
FIX: The SetText method can insert garbage at the end of text
FIX: Oracle driver could GPF if a NEXT was issued after an invalid PROP:SQL SELECT and there had previously been successful PROP:SQL/NEXT calls
FIX: Redrawing of button is now unconditional if icon has changed
FIX: When retrieving a text BLOB of more than 65534 bytes in size the 65535th character would be NULL and all subsequent characters would be offset by one (i.e. the 65535th character would actually be in the 65536th position)
FIX: CalendarClass: going from a 31 day month to month with less days was displaying the wrong date
FIX: Sort Headers: under some circumstances was not generating all the methods
FIX: WindowManager Tpl: was not closing all the open tables
FIX: Method ADOProcessManager.GetRecordsToProcess wasn’t excluding the ORDER BY from the original SQL statement (if present) when generating the SELECT Count(*) as RecCount and the FROM part of the original SQL statement.
FIX: ABC/Clarion wizards: were adding double quotes to the hotkey
FIX: RelTree: was not opening all the related tables
FIX: Text in caption of transparent GROUP/OPTION controls with large fonts is drawing underlined by 1-pixel wide white line
FIX: Setting of ES_AUTOHSCROLL and ES_AUTOVSCROLL styles to RTF controls via SetWindowLong has no effect
FIX: PUT would generate invalid SQL if the only field changed was one flagged as READONLY
FIX: DropCombo Class: was calling the reset before setting the control list feq
FIX: RELTREE.TPW: reltree: Some corrections in #prompts
FIX: RelationManager: was not doing the right verification (if the open counter was changed) before marking the related file as open. Caused error 37 problems

REGRESSION: Incorrect redrawing of flat but not transparent drop lists