Clarion 6.1 Release Candidate


FEATURE: MDISync.INC\MDISync.CLW: NEW MDISynchronization class
FEATURE: MDISYNC.TPW: NEW: ABC MDISynchronization tpl: this template is a global extension that adds a local extension to each procedure that has a window.
FEATURE: SQL based views no longer error out when you get properties or open them when the view structure has an invalid filter, order or join condition. The error is delayed until these attributes need to be evaluated.

IMPROVEMENT: Change cursor when mouse pointer is within RTF control’s selection bar
IMPROVEMENT: Support “underline hotkeys” UI style settings for prompt controls
IMPROVEMENT: If partially transparent controls overlap each other, the tooltip text can be chosen incorrectly
IMPROVEMENT: Debugger: Hide unwanted names from lists of variables

CHANGE: increment build number in version resource (9017)
CHANGE: RTFCTL: New method to confirm or decline the attempt to save control’s content with possible losing of formatting
CHANGE: Do not show frame if border is 3D
CHANGE: Clarion DOSFileLookup: the file name can be 255 char long
CHANGE: Force immediate redrawing of buttons on changing their enable/disable state
CHANGE: ABC TPL: The UseABC symbol was not being set to true
CHANGE: The equate for default wrap mode
CHANGE: Clarion ASCII Viewer: the file name can be 255 char long
CHANGE: Better border width adjustment
CHANGE: ABC ErrorClass: some methods now are PROTECTED instead of PRIVATE
CHANGE: Probably, button text displayed incorrectly for right-to-left layout

FIX: MSSQL driver was not generating correct SQL if you set a hint (other than TOP) and you did not have any filter.
FIX: BUFFER could cause a GPF the second time a thread was started if the file was not closed before the thread was terminated the first time.
FIX: Setting hints with PROP:hint could cause GPFs and other erratic behavior
FIX: Extra frame can be drawn for flat child buttons
FIX: Greenbar (ABC/Clarion): When used with EIP was not assigning a default value.
FIX: Maximized MDI child window declared without the MAX attribute can lose its maximized state if another maximized window has been activated
FIX: ABC EIP Extended: The attributes for each field were not being applied.
FIX: Push buttons without TRN, ICON and FLAT attribute but with text alignment to left or right are displayed in the screen formatter incorrectly
FIX: ABC/Clarion: Enhanced Focus was not refreshed on the Resize of the window
FIX: ABC ViewManager: Was opening the RM but not closing it.
FIX: Position/size of TEXT/RTF controls was not adjusted for the 3D border width value
FIX: If button text is aligned to right, it is displayed incorrectly
FIX: Prop:left: Setting of properties that can affect draw mode is not processed completely
FIX: Simultaneous opening of multiple owned non-MDI child windows is causing long loop of changing of Z-order by them
FIX: Hiding/unhiding of RTF control’s scrollbars worked incorrectly
FIX: Date/time pictures: Index bound expression is wrong
FIX: Quick Start - Unknown template symbol - %QuickAppGenerateFor
FIX: EVENT:Accepted was fired if mouse button was released outside the button
FIX: Force redrawing of the owner drawn buttons in response to WM_UPDATEUISTATE message
FIX: The linker can lose some debug information about references to strings
FIX: Values of types &STRING, &CSTRING and &PSTRING can be displayed by the Debugger incorrectly
FIX: SortHeaders: Overwriting a sort column was not requiring that the column was in the view
FIX: Setting of PROP:Flat to a dropdown combo not affects the button sub-control
FIX: PDF Class: was not using compression on images
FIX: EVENT:Accepted is not fired if pressed mouse is retuned back to button and then button is released
FIX: Compiler GPFs if an attribute that accepts static string values only has incorrect value
FIX: Values of type STRING(1) can be displayed by the Debugger incorrectly
FIX: If button with the SKIP attribute or placed on toolbar is fired, it does not update the USE variable of the control with focus
FIX: View of transparent RTF control can become broken after changing the USE variable from the program
REGRESSION: Not-maximized MDI child window opened from the maximized MDI child window is restoring it
WORKAROUND: Force WS_MAXIMIZEBOX style for child windows declared without the MAX attribute while they are maximized