Clarion 6.3 IDE Help no longer opens in Windows 7

Hello everyone,
I have this funny problem. In my windows 7 32bit and clarion 6.3; recently when I press F1 from clarion it opens windows help which doesn’t not recognize the help files although the clarion help files (.hlp) open normally by default in windows explorer but not from clarion. (few months back is was ok)

Any suggestions are welcomed


@CarlBarnes has an addon for CHM. Or you could convert to C11 for native CHM support.

The website is really slow today, so give it a chance to load.

You’re talking only about the 6. 3 IDE not opening a help topic when you press F1 in the IDE ?

Instead you get what? A window saying HLP is deprecated?

You are Not taking about the help you made for your EXE? That’s what my library handled once you made a CHM file.

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Yes. I am talking only about the 6. 3 IDE. (exactly as you described the whole matter)


Built-in support of CHM help files in the Clarion RTL has been added in C8.

Sorry I got confused there. Other than installing XP, not sure there’s a great solution for that. There IS this, though. start [Clarion Community Help]

this is what I get:

it is ok as I am using a VMware and I can install xp, but in window 7 it was OK until little time ago


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What works for me in Windows 10 is I have a WinHlp32.exe in a folder that I can double click on to open WinHelp. it lets me pick an HLP file to view, like C55Help.HLP. That EXE is dated 4/14/2008 and properties show it is 5.1.2600.5512. Not sure where I got it, maybe XP or 8.1.

From some posts in a thread in comp.lang.clarion “C63 help ( .hlp ) and Win10” from 2017-04-17 started by Viggo Poulsen:

If you have access to an older copy of winhlp32.exe you can copy it
onto your Win10 machine and the help will work.

You’ll need these files in a folder separate from \Windows


You have to do this since winhlp32.exe is owned by TrustedInstaller
and I’ve never found a way in Windows 10 to take ownership.

The only other way is to start winhlp32.exe in this folder and it will
allow you to select the HLP file you want to open.

If someone knows how to overcome TrusedInstaller then you can replace
the winhlp32.exe in the Windows folder and it should just work.

If you reboot in Safe Mode (with F8 or msconfig) it lets you take ownership of winhlp32.exe on Windows folder, File properties, Security, Advanced options, button Change, select your user or group with administrative rights. Then Apply. Close the two windows, open again File properties, Security, Edit, then select Allow Total Control for Administrators group, rename it, then you can copy on Windows folders winhlp32 files. I’ve just done that and F1 works

Another thread on 2017-07-08 “FYI: C63 HLP Blank Search Tab on W10”:

If you followed indications on thread “C63 help ( .hlp ) and Win10” from 04-17-2017 and noticed C6 help shows only a blank sheet on Search tab, you need FTSRCH.DLL on Windows or System32 folder.


I once faced this problem and I remember solving it the way you described (which I totally forgot although it took a lot of efforts then). now you gave me the start and I will post the solution if I succeed (which I am sure it will because it worked before)

thank you all for the follow-up.


Hello everyone.

I copied the old version winhlp32.exe to the Windows folder and changed the ownership of the file to my login user from security/advanced tab of the file properties and everything went fine.

thank you all for your support


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