Clarion 6.3 x Firebird

Good Morning.

I’m migrating an Clarion 5.5 application to version 6.3 using Firebird database 2.5.x. I ask friends with experience if is it necessary to inform any command SEND(table, “/XXXXXX = XX”) after the connection string.

By the way, in old Clarion 5.5 app I was using Send(Table,’/BUSYHANDLING=2’) and now, compiling the same application, with same driver and same database I got some access errors. So, I removed the command SEND() and is apparently working. I’m afraid to put the application into production on the client and have a bad surprise.

I use Firebird 2.5.0 and ODBC 2.00 with my application developed in C6.3 and I do not use the SEND command.

Thank you for your answer.
I will to do the same.

Hi Jacques - how did things go with Clarion/Firebird? I’m considering doing the similar conversion this year.

Chris Buechler

Hi all,

I had use Firebird (From 1.5 to 2.5) with Clarion 6.3 over ten years. 
-It is stable and fast. 
-It is easy to make backup of database 

 But the problem is it request to use ODBC to connect Firebird Dabase from Clarion, so the connection speed is slow compare with MSSQL.
  Also no ODBC driver for MacOS

Terry Ho

You probably want to use Firebird 3.0

Hi Jbrugger,

  I notice that. What DB Administrator to use for FB3.0 ? I like IB-Expert, but now it is not free and need to pay.


Terry Ho

Hi Terry

I like IB EXPERT a lot but for the free one i thought you need to get different
passwords in time. A free alternative is
or (not tested a lot)
and not tested with 3.0

PS before changing your data to 3.0 check page 33 releasenotes :

Hi Terry,

After a second look i don’t think they will work with version 3, only Flamerobin ( seems to handle this. has a listing of admin tools for Firebird.

Hi Dirk,

  Thanks your info.


Terry Ho

Hi J. Brugger and others,

I converted from firebird 2.5 to 3.0 embedded. Very fast indeeed

so in the fdb database directory i have

And a subdir intl with
And a subdir plugins

This all works on 32 bit win10 (with the 32 bits odbc)

but seems to miss a file on 64 bit win 10 (with the 32 bits odbc)
Do you have any idea?

Maybe fbclient.dll 32 bits?


I will have a look next week when i can test on a 64 bit machine… I combine firebird with FM3 (filemanager) from capesoft. On the 32 bit machine i can only start my app with firebird once so i am a bit lost.

Hi J. Brugger,

On 64 bits OS win 10 i get error: “could not find acceptable icu library”
With Flamerobin i get the same problem so it’s not a Clarion problem.

To enable Multi starts of the app (on 32 bit OS)i have put in the firebird.conf

ServerMode = SuperClassic.


Adding icudt52l.dat solved the problem!!!