Clarion 6 Import Error GEN: Registry item FRBC RunTimeReport no longer exists

Why do iget this error and how can i fix it?
GEN: Registry item FRBC RunTimeReport no longer exists

I’m trying to import a Clarion 6 project into Clarion 11.

Not all 3rd party templates used in the C6 application have been registered in C11.

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Hi @Mjulle

As @also pointed out you do not have a template that is used in your application registered in the C11 Template registry.

Adding to this from your message, it strongly suggests a template belonging to Fomin Report Builder?


Hi Mark
I’ve installet it now but the message stills comes, I’m new to this so might be at biginners problem. :slight_smile:

What your word installed means? Did you just add missed templates to the TEMPLATE directory? Or, did you register them using the Template Registry dialog?

As @also pointed out, not all installers register the template as well.

Go to Tools, Edit Template Registry, and ensure you can see the Fomin Report Builder listed under the registered templates; if it is not there, you must register it yourself.

There’s a Register button there - the file you are going to register is likely in \clarion11\accessory\template\win and will be named something like FRB.TPL or similar.

Thank you, seems to work…