Clarion 6 missing #APPLICATION template

Recently had to reinstall my Clarion 6.3 to another 32bit computer but keep receiving the same error when trying to load any application I generated with 6.3
Keep getting the following warning from Generator: “Cannot create as application because no #$APPLICATION template(s) are availabler”
Has anyone ever run across this?

You need re-register templates. Or, copy TRF file from an old computer to directory where it can be found using the redirection file.

I will try that. Thanks for the advice on that.

IMO best to rename the TRF file to OLD so you start with a completely empty file. The TRF seems to just grow when you re-register existing templates, i.e. not reclaim deleted space.

TRF Killer: If you try to run two Clarion 6.3 versions on the same machine at the same time, it will very likely trash the TRF file. Also, if your Clarion crashes, you need to go into the task manager and look for Clarion servers running. Kill them if you find any…