Clarion 6EE: Online User’s Guide help document

After being inactive for yeas, I recently started using Clarion 6 EE (in a virtualbox).
Unfortunately I can not find the Online User’s guide. It also does not seem to be located in the docs folder where all the other pdf’s are located.
is anyone able to help me with a copy of that document?

Peter Vandenberghe

If you’re referring the the F1 Help - then those files are in the \BIN folder and are .HLP files.
So you may not be able to open them by default depending upon what OS you’re using.
Try double-clicking on C60HELP.HLP and see what happens.

…and if you’re unable to access .HLP files then checkout this advice from Lee White

Download this zip…
Unzip into its own folder and then use this in a shortcut to run it…

Target: C:\c6help\winhlp32.exe C60HELP.hlp
Start in: C:\c6help

This works in ALL versions of Windows, including Win10/64.

Thank you Graham!
With your hint, I was able to find all the help files in the bin folder.
And with some playing around I even got the flash video’s working that they provide with the tutorials.

Thank you for the fast response to help me out.

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Hi Peter:
This URL have the all documents of Clw 6.3


Thank you Roland. I found everything I need for Clarion 6.1.