Clarion 7.2959 Beta

Build 2957

Fixes,Changes and Features:

Dictionary Editor:

FEATURE: new Dictionary Changes pad to show changes made to Dictionary on conversion of dct
FEATURE: An => button has been added next to the derived fields entry control. This takes you to the derived from field
FEATURE: You now get visual prompt via a graphics image that a field has other fields derived from it.
FEATURE: All fields that are derived from a field are now displayed in a tab of that field. You can double click on these fields to go to them
FEATURE: Add Btrieve Synchronizers

Dictionary fixes/changes::

  • enable the dictionary editor so that you can now add, change and delete all items in a dictionary
  • Disable data type elements for fields that are derived from other fields
  • Allow Clarion# key words to be optionally enforced when checking labels - set in Tools->Options
  • ensure prefixes are generated for Aliases, Globals and Pools.
  • ensure prefixes are valid on conversion of dct remove derived froms when the fields have different data types
  • Report conversion changes in the new Dictionary Changes pad
  • Disable data type on derived field
  • Improve the load time of dictionaries with derived from fields
  • Make sure C6 Idents are preserved when fields are derived
  • Because C7 automatically updates derived fields, all fields that are derived from another field are flagged as frozen when upgrading from C6.
  • You could not open a dictionary that had derived fields in Pool or Global data
  • You could not open a dictionary that had a field derived from itself
  • Derived from attribute was not cleared if you deleted a trigger that had trigger data that had another field derived from it
  • Derived from attribute was not cleared if you deleted a file that had a trigger that had trigger data that had another field derived from it
  • You can now add, delete and change trigger data
  • Adding the first field, column or relation via the quick view implemented
  • If you deleted a file and fields of that file had other fields derived from them, the derived from attribute was not cleared.
  • The … button next to the derived field entry control is enabled
  • You can no longer set a field as being derived from itself
  • The list of delete side effects was not substituting {item} for the name of the item to be deleted
  • Freeze check box removed from File and Global properties
  • The Derived from property of a field was not being set up correctly when loading a dictionary if the derived from field was in another file.
  • Enable double click when selecting a key component or a relation mapping
  • Stop the Field selection dialog and File Driver registry dialogs appearing in the task bar
  • Audit details are now displayed
  • Allow the user to set the freeze button automatically when they set a field as being derived from another
  • Remove the Freeze button from the file properties.
  • Make sure fields derived from this field are updated when you change the field
  • OEM and Thread attribute should default to what the user has set in the dictionary options
  • Allow the user to set the default freeze state via the dictionary options dialog
  • Allow fields to be added to GROUP fields that have been created in the same editing session
  • Flag that the dictionary has changed when you add an option
  • Allow options to be added and changed
  • DCT: Add Field button was not disabled when there is no file selected
  • DCT: Exception was thrown when adding a new field to a new file
  • DCT: The number of places in a field (String, memo or decimal) would always display as the default value of that type.
  • DCT: IDE would crash on Exit if any file import had been run
  • DCT: An exception was thrown when trying to display 2 delete messages for the same item
  • DCT: Loading a dictionary that had a validity lookup into the alias of the same file would throw an exception
  • DCT: Better debug information in the exception when a key component cannot be found
  • You could not import tables into an existing dictionary


FEATURE: Support for alignment properties of dropped part of drop- and combo-boxes
FEATURE: New PROPLIST:BarFrame and PROPSTYLE:BarFrame properties to draw frame around listbox’s selection bar
IMPROVEMENT: Better suppression of flicker on activating a window

RTL fixes/changes::

  • Bar frame was drawn incorrectly for fields with icon and/or tree
  • Some decorations (underlining, etc) were not applied to fields with icon and/or tree if width is too narrow
  • Infinite loop of redrawing if tooltip overlapped the top of empty list box with focus and bar frame color
  • Incorrect initializer for style’s default bar frame color
  • Handle combination of NOBAR attribute and bar frame color
  • Incorrect background color may be used to draw icons in listbox fields with the J modifier
  • The transparent area around themed buttons may be redrawn incorrectly on changing of button’s hot state
  • Improvement of drawing of listbox headers
  • Introduce format string’s B modifier to support bar frame’s colors
  • Incorrect recalculation of listbox’s header height on changing line height
  • GETFONT might return incorrect value of font size
  • Changing of PROP:Flat for not-themed listbox might not affect appearance of header and border
  • Dictionary editor was displaying the relationships for a file’s alias in the list of relationships for the file
  • Prompt text was not changing when you changed a field’s name
  • C7 RTL - Font color might remain undefined
  • If part is partially transparent or alpha blended, incorrect area might be redrawn with parent’s background



  • The ProgramEquates and ProgramFileName properties should not display on Project Properties
  • Fix for the Report/Window designers main menu problem
  • If source code window is open some toolbox tabs should not be present.
  • Incorrect hint for the button of Tab Order Assistant.
  • Multiple alignment toolbars in the Forms Designer
  • Pop up menu in Report designer should contain items for adding Header, Footer, Form or Detail.
  • TextBoxes of Toolbar do not get focus in Window and Report designer.
  • “Align to Grid” and “Size to Grid” buttons of toolbar are disabled in case if only one control is selected.

Database Drivers:

FEATURE: You can now use file{PROP:DuplicateKey} to get the key that caused the dupicate key error when doing an ADD or a PUT
FIX: ODBC interface to TPS files: ULONG fields with values greater than 07ffffffH where returned as 080000000H
FIX: (All SQL Drivers): Doing an autoincrementing ADD after issuing a PROP:SQL = SELECT … would sometimes change the values in the non-auto incremented fields.

Misc. PTS Reports:

PTSS 50153: - WinForm objects need to be output to source without ampersand (&) reference
PTSS 50157: - Example posting exception while clicking in source
PTSS 50162: - Compiler Message: Inconsistent accessibility - invalid?
PTSS 50168: Unable to compile certain property attributes
PTSS 30309: The dictionary editor would throw an exception when trying to display fields in a file that had a group and in that group there is a field OVER another field
PTSS 50148: You could not change any properties of a file
PTSS 30325: Changing of PROP:ReadOnly property for ENTRY controls not worked
PTSS 30326: Negative numbers displayed without sign in ENTRY controls with @N Picture
PTSS 12137: More accurate hiding/unhiding and disabling/enabling of menu items
PTSS 30336: Visual Styles and Transparency buttons no longer work
PTSS 30287: An exception was thrown if you selected Picture as the data type for a field
PTSS 30284: Change: Apply combo’s align settings to entry sub-control
PTSS 30272: Changing of PROP:Password at run time may cause incorrect redrawing of control’s border
PTSS 30270: If combo control has been created dynamically with CREATE:DropCombo type, changing dimensions of dropped list caused GPF
PTSS 30288: The Validity tab for fields was not working
PTSS 30278: First time drawing of entry’s contents which is more wide than control’s width must show leftmost part of text
PTSS 30273: Button part of flat themed combo- and drop-box must be drawn not-beveled if it has an icon.
PTSS 30299: Changing of PROP:FillColor and PROP:SelectedFillColor to ENTRY, SPIN or COMBO control not caused its immediate redrawing
PTSS 30278: First time drawing of entry’s contents which is more wide than control’s width must show leftmost part of text
PTSS 30285: Flicker on redrawing of themed listbox’s border
PTSS 30285: Make appearance of the divider between fields’ headers independent from the field’s “right border” flag
PTSS 20765: Case sensitivity of keys was not being imported correctly from SQL engines
PTSS 20765: The prompt text and column headings were not displayed for fields that had been imported from an SQL database
PTSS 30307: Setting PROP:Text for an IMAGE control may not redraw the control immediately

Build 2792

Fixes,Changes and Features:

PTSS: 30248 CHANGE: Make margins for ENTRYs, SPINs, TEXTs, edit parts of COMBOs and static parts of drop boxes dependent from their font only
PTSS: 30254: The bar for regions scrollbars was out of clipping region if listbox had VCR
FIX: If rightmost visible field of listbox is resizeable, the part of bar for regions scrollbars was not redrawn
PTSS: 30249: Vertical separation line was not drawn for flat combobox
PTSS: 30250: If number of drop items is set to 0 for drop-down listboxes and comboboxes, the list is displayed anyways on clicking the drop button
FIX: Very high memory usage (memory leak fixed)